Roof Condition Ratings

Article: No. RCR-KB-2-14.1


Summary:  This article we will review roof rating guidelines for roofing assessment inspections.  There are experienced inspection companies, system suppliers and organizations that provide opinions on what ratings should be used for roofing inspections.  There may be a number rating, 1-10, 1-100, or a naming standard Good, Fair, Poor etc. Numbers can also be combined with a color rating as a visual indicator.  By reviewing a larger sample of examples the author intends to show comparisons of the roof condition rating systems in use by service providers.  Please refer to the building authority directly for confirmation for any roofing rating as a compliance requirement required by local building codes. The Author can be reached by e-mail for questions concerning content or the opinions expressed in this article. Please use the Article number for reference.



Audience:   Building Owners, Property Managers, Facility Managers, V.P. Construction, Director of Building and Grounds, School Boards, Town Managers, Condo Construction Committees.



Article:   This article is being reviewed by our technical writing staff and will be updated when complete.


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